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A Good Yarn

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The Story So Far

Founded in 2011, A Good Yarn has come a long way from its beginnings. When I first started out, my passion for knitting and crochet drove me to quit my day job and gave me the motivation to turn hard work and inspiration into a beautiful yarn shop. I now serve customers all over the Lincolnshire area and am thrilled to be a part of the ever-expanding yarn industry.
Several years ago I began knitting again, something I hadn’t done since a teenager. Unfortunately, there was nowhere local to me to buy the types of yarns and projects I wanted to knit and certainly nowhere to attend workshops or classes.
Having had to travel all over the country for workshops and to source beautiful, good quality yarns I decided the only solution was to open my own Shop in Cleethorpes.
I had a very clear vision of what I wanted this to be – ‘more than just a wool shop’. I wanted customers to enter as strangers but leave as friends, having had a very positive experience, handled a wide selection of yarns and accessories, been given expert advice or tuition and on occasion a friendly ear.
Over the past 10 years, we have built up an excellent customer base, many of whom are now friends, who attend our groups, classes, events and workshops on a weekly basis.
Quality is at the core of what we do – quality service and quality products. With this in mind, we are very careful about the brands we stock.
I hope you enjoy our products as much as I enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.